PureDWTS All Star Finale Media Roundup After Monday Night’s Dances

What a finale on Dancing With The Stars last night and one I don’t think I’ll soon forget, but, let’s not forget, more is on tap for tonight including the Instant dances. George Pennacchio tries to find out what he can on them, but, he doesn’t get much information except that the couples were headed straight to rehearsals after the show last night. However, he does get their reactions on their dances last night and also asks them what they want to do “when it’s all over”….

First up, Tony and Melissa! They are so happy and full of excitement. Tony says he’s so proud of Melissa. It’s been the most amazing ride. When this is all over, Melissa says she wants to be proud of what the accomplished and she also wants to win. Tony wants to see the mirror ball on his mantel. They did everything they could and left their hearts on the dance floor. For the instant dance, they hope to sort it out. Maks comes to hug Tony and calls him a secret name. Maks also tells Tony that he loved him.

Kelly says the night felt good. George tells Val he was wise for their song choice. Val explains how they did it to represent their journey and what they’ve went through. Kelly has a hard time saying what she wants when this competition is all over, but, finally mentions wanting a pedicure playing it safe. Val just wants to go home and enjoy his family and the proud look on their faces. For the instant dance, they have a choice of three and they were going straight to rehearsals.

Derek and Shawn talk of why they didn’t change their repeat dance and broke rules again. They wanted to entertain the most of all and be who they are as a couple. When this is all over, Shawn wants to go see her family. Derek wants to gain 10 pounds, get healthy, and enjoy Christmas with his family.

For more with Derek and Shawn, be sure to visit Pure Derek Hough. Heidi has an awesome media round up on them including more OTRC interviews!!

Access Hollywood interviewed the couples as well. Tony and Melissa talk of why they took a risk with their freestyle. They knew they had to do something different. Kelly and Val just wanted to do something that was about their journey like they’ve been doing all season. “If it’s not broken, why fix it”….

E News also interviewed the couples backstage. Below is a take….

“We’re going to rehearsal after this,” Melissa told us. “It’s not over yet. I could not be happier. Who would have thought that night one after the finals we would be in first place with a perfect score? I didn’t!”

“I couldn’t possibly be more proud,” raved her partner Tony Dovolani. “It’s been seven years—this season made me forget about all the other seasons I had difficulties with.”

Kelly Monaco and Val Chmerkovskiy trail closely behind Melissa and Tony after racking up a 29.5 tonight.

“I think we capped it off with a monumental performance,” Kelly told us, noting she was “terrified at first” about her aerial work.

“I feel really confident about the work we did tonight,” Kelly added. “Tomorrow is neither her nor there. We worked really hard to get here and deserve to be here.”

Meanwhile, Shawn Johnson and Derek Hough’s performance put them in third place tonight.

“There is something liberating about going out there, putting it all on the dance floor and having it be out of your hands now,” Shawn told us. “It feels really good.”

“This whole season we haven’t been dancing for three people, we’ve been dancing for the viewers,” Derek Hough responded when we asked about their 8.5 wrist slap from judge Len Goodman. “That was one of their favorite dances so if that’s what they want, that’s what we’re going to give them.”

Below is some coverage with PopTVDotCom. You can see the couples arriving and leaving rehearsals last night….

One more thing, you can see some Freestyle rehearsal footage and interviews from before the show last night with On The Red Carpet here.

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ADDING: Here are the couples with ET Online…