Post Media Roundup After Dancing With The Stars Ending Finale Part 2 (Videos)

Our three finalists on Dancing With The Stars were also on Good Morning America today. They look a little tired after flying all night from Los Angeles to New York City, but, they are in fun and rare form as always. They also play a “Two To Tango” game about knowing their partners. More here including a special message for Shawn at the end. Keep watching the link, ABC may post more videos of them being interviewed, etc.. If they don’t and you need another way to watch them, you can watch them at Codebear’s Dancing With The Stars Daily Motion channel here.

Below is some coverage from ET Online as well. Tony and Melissa are so cute with their reactions on winning. Some of the other couples also have some special words for them….

Here is more with PopTVDotCom on the after party…

For part one of our media round up and if you haven’t read or seen it yet, see our previous posting.

ADDING: For their On The Red Carpet interviews, go here. Also, don’t miss reading this new Extra piece. Below is a take. Though I have to say I think Maks is so rude for what he said.

“I’m still in shock,” said Dovolani, who won the Mirror Ball trophy for the first time since he’s been on the show. “I’m holding it close to my body because I don’t want it to not be real. I want it to stay like this.”

Tony continued, “Fourteen seasons I waited for this. My wife was in the audience and it’s our anniversary today, 13th year, so for me this means so much.”

Fellow dancer Maks Chmerkovskiy was happy for his friend. “He truly earned it,” laughingly adding, “He deserved it from all those ridiculous partners he had. Whoever you are, you know who you are.”

Pro-dancer Derek Hough also hinted that this may be his last season on “DWTS.” He told Renee, “I’ll always want to be a part of the show. I love it to death. It’s been amazing,” but, “It feels like a good way to segue…”

In parting words, Dovolani, who has been one of “Extra’s” special correspondents, smiled, “You know what’s next for me professionally? That mic!”