Post Media Roundup After Dancing With The Stars Ending Finale (Videos)

Lot’s of media on tap for today after the crowning the Dancing With The Stars All Stars Champs (All of them! They are truly all winners in my opinion!), but, here’s what we’ve got so far with Jimmy Kimmel, Access Hollywood, and E News. First, let’s go straight to Jimmy Kimmel. He says even though ABC has declared Melissa and Tony the winners, they are still waiting for the votes in Florida to make it legal. He’s a hoot as usual!

Access Hollywood:

Below is a take from E News. Note how Melissa thought Shawn had won. Kelly is not disappointed she didn’t win. They are all winners….

“To be honest, when it was the two of us there I assumed [Shawn] won. I thought, ‘Keep your smile on,'” Melissa revealed about being up there with the Olympic gymnast and Derek Hough, adding that she and Tony went into shock when their name was called.

Meanwhile, Kelly and Val Chmerkovskiy were not upset that they came in third.

“No, there is nothing to be disappointed about with this all-star season,” Kelly told us backstage. “It was anyone’s win. We were all winners. Melissa didn’t have one of those stupid mirror balls, and Val is young enough, he has enough seasons left in him. I think Tony deserved it, he’s been here probably one of the longest.”

The are-they-or-aren’t-they couple plan to celebrate with “a perpetual cycle of champagne bottles,” according to Val.

“I can’t wait to be so hungover that I have to be in bed for three days,” laughed Kelly.

For a full media roundup on Derek and Shawn and then some, be sure to visit Pure Derek Hough.

Below is PopTVDotCom’s coverage of the after party. I haven’t watched them in full, but, you’ll see a lot of fun faces here….

More coming up! Stay tuned!! xx 😉

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