Ann Romney Doesn’t Rule Out Dancing With The Stars

Did any of you notice Anne Romney sitting in the audience this past week on Dancing With The Stars? I didn’t, but, according to the Boston Herald, she was in the audience with her two sons, wives, and a few grandkids. Apparently someone asked her is she would dance on Dancing With The Stars. Below is how she answered…

She won’t be tripping the light fantastic at any inaugural balls, but “Dancing with the Stars” fan Ann Romney said it’s not impossible that a Romney might some day hoof it for the mirror ball trophy on the hot ABC dance contest!

“But I … I don’t think so,” laughed Mrs. Mitt.

You can read more at the Boston Herald including her thoughts on Tony Dovolani. You can also see a picture of Ann in the audience.

My thoughts? The Boston Herald says to file it under “Dancing Queen”, but, I just don’t know? 😯 Heidi?

Heidi: I saw her in the audience but thought I was mistaken.  Eh. Better her than Sarah Palin. That said, she doesn’t have the cache that a Sarah Palin does. If she doesn’t do it this spring, I think she can forget about it – if they would even ask her then.