New Casting Watchout Begins: Tori Spelling A Little Nervous To Do Dancing With The Stars

And so the casting watch out for the new season of Dancing With The Stars begins! Already? Yes, already! πŸ™‚ Though don’t count on Tori Spelling being cast in the next new season of Dancing With The Stars. According to Zap2it, she used to say “maybe” to dancing on the show, but, now she’s “a little nervous”. Read why below….

“I used to say, ‘Maybe,'” Spelling tells Zap2it, “but it’s gotten so crazy-competitive and so amazing. The people who are doing it aren’t like celebrities trying it, they’re like dancers. I mean, they have Olympians on there who excel in gymnastics. And look at [‘All-Stars’ winner] Melissa Rycroft — she was a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, so obviously, she’s going to be a good dancer.

“I think it would be embarrassing now to just have actors with no dancing experience,” Spelling adds. “I find myself to be a good dancer, but I don’t know that I’m of that caliber. I think I’d be a little nervous to compete.”

You can read more at Zap2it. I’m kind of glad she might not dance. Then again, you never know how someone might change your opinion. I’ll never forget how I (and many of you too!) felt upon hearing the news Nancy Grace would be dancing on Dancing With The Stars in Season 13. She quickly changed many of us around.

Heidi: Then Nancy went back to her usual job and turned many of us (like me) back to our original opinion. And you don’t want to know if you’re a fan. πŸ™‚ Β Tori on the other hand, would probably be fine. She doesn’t bother me in the slightest. But she’s right – DWTS isn’t for the faint of heart. πŸ™‚