Vote for Your Favorites in the PureDWTS All-Stars End-of-Season Awards!!!

It’s that time of the season again – time to wrap up the season by voting in our end-of-season awards 🙂

First, some guidelines: I picked what I thought to be the most likely nominees for each category, just based on the vibes I’ve been getting from your comments all season.  I know some of you are going to disagree.  For that reason, I have allowed write-in votes…probably against my better judgement.  HOWEVER, I’m asking you guys to PLEASE USE THE WRITE-INS SPARINGLY.  Make sure the nominee you’re writing in isn’t already listed as one of the options, make sure it’s spelled correctly, and fits the scheme of the other nominees (i.e. if the category is “best dance”, you would write in something like “Kelly & Val’s paso doble”, and not just “Kelly”).  If I cannot understand what you’ve written in, your vote is getting thrown out.  If your write-in doesn’t make sense given the context, your vote is getting thrown out.  There was an absolutely ridiculous (and unneccessary) number of write-ins in last season’s awards, and I almost said “f*ck it” and threw them all out, because some of you guys clearly didn’t know how to follow directions.  Don’t bring me to the point of “f*ck it” again this season. 

I will give you guys a week or two to get your votes in, and then we will reveal the results category by category in a series of posts.  I’ve included a brief explanation of each award above each poll, since there seemed to be some confusion in last season’s polls. Now vote away!!!

 Self-explanatory.  Which dance do you think was the best this season?

Again, self-explanatory.  Which dance was the worst this season?

Some of the celebs really improved drastically from their original season on the show.  Who improved the most?

There were a lot of aspects of this season that seemed to bug our readers.  Which of them was he most bothersome?

It was sad to see almost all of the couples this season get sent home.  Which couple’s departure was the most disappointing?

Some couples this season had great chemistry & synergy.  Others? Not so much.  Which couple made you say “I really wish they had been paired with someone else!!!”

Which couple was so well-matched that you couldn’t possibly imagine them dancing with anyone else?

I’ve heard a lot of you saying you’re looking forward to changes being made in the show in the coming seasons.  Which change are you most hoping to see?