Finale Review, Jordyn Wieber Would Love To Dance On Dancing With The Stars

Afterbuzz reviewed the finale of Dancing With The Stars! They run through each of the dances. They also talk of the inconsistency and unfairness of the judges and scoring for what we’ve been upset on too. Even more interesting is that they also interviewed Jordyn Wieber, Olympic Gold Medalist and one of “The Fierce Five” who danced with Shawn and Derek in their Freestyle. She comments that she loved Dancing With The Stars and had so much fun, she’d like to dance on the show as well. Is she was going to pick a partner, she’d pic Va Chmerkovskiy. She talked to him and she likes him very much. More in detail below….

What do you think? I think Afterbuzz nailed it on so many issues that we’re having with the show. I also think Jordon sounds serious about wanting to do this show. I’d have no issues with it. We better put this one on “watch out”.