DWTS Season 16 RUMOR: Emily Maynard To Dance On Dancing With The Stars?

We’ve been down this route before with Radar Online, so be sure you take this rumor with a grain of salt. I will say though that Emily Maynard has all the makings of fitting on Dancing With The Stars perfectly. Do you agree? Below is more from Radar Online via Star Magazine.

Emily Maynard is ditching her search for true love and putting on her dancing shoes to jive away her heartache!

The newly-single Bachelorette is officially locked in as a contestant on the upcoming 16th season of Dancing With The Stars, reveals the new issue of Star magazine, and while it is news to the fans of both ABC shows, Emily has known about it for six months!

“When she signed her contract to be on The Bachelorette, ABC also had her sign on to commit to doing Dancing with the Stars. She loves being in the limelight,” a source told Star, adding that while some of the other hoofers are desperate to land certain pros as their partners, all Emily seemingly cares about is dancing her way into a television career.

“Emily told me the real reason she wants to do the show is to help get herself her own talk show,” dished the insider. “She’s terrified of losing her fame. She loves being famous and has wanted it her entire life.”

You can read the full article at Radar Online. Picture above courtesy of Zimbio Pictures.

So, if true, who do you see Emily dancing with? I say MAKS!! 😀

Heidi: You want to put sweet little Emily with Maks!?!? 🙂 How about Tristan?? Or Henry?? Or anyone other than Maks or Tony?? 😀 Seriously, though – Radar Online went from having a great track record to bombing for a few seasons in a row. It would not surprise me in the slightest if Emily were to show up, but I kinda doubt it. Really, the producers need to get away from casting their family on this show and branch out. But hey, maybe Deena needs a new client. :::snort::: I would have to look, but I also think that “rumors” (or fabrications) that come out this far in advance usually turn out to be WRONG. We’ll see.

Vogue: Good point. I wouldn’t mind her paired with Tristan or Henry as well….and Derek (yes, I still hope he will change his mind and come back? 🙁 )

Heidi: NO DEREK! I forbid him coming back to this show. Please, god, no. But if he were, he might end up with her. They seem to LOVE putting him with other blondes. Anyway…I think if Derek is back on this show it’s because they wouldn’t let him out. They’ve monkeyed around with pros and contracts before, so…