Emmitt Smith Chats On Casting Football Players For Dancing With The Stars And More

Emmitt Smith tells the Huffington Post that he’s “not upset, only disappointed” that he didn’t win the All-Stars mirror-ball trophy. He also had some thoughts on casting future football players. For instance, below are his thoughts on Tim Tebow and Victor Cruz….

“I don’t think Tim Tebow would kill it. I don’t think he would do well on the dance floor. I think he would be limited. Victor Cruz might kill it. At least, he could salsa,” says Emmitt.

Speaking of football players on the show more generally, Emmitt said, “It opens another level of exposure I wouldn’t get from the game itself. When I was playing the game, I had a helmet on my head; people rarely saw my face. I think it’s a smart business move, but at the end of the day, you have to have some of the same qualities. I’m known as a champion on the football field, I wanted to be known as a champion in the ballroom. So you don’t want to just get in for the exposure, because you can be exposed positively or negatively.”

So true!! That goes for everyone too not just football players. If a celeb is going to dance, do it for the love of dance, not just for exposure. Also, bring on VICTOR CRUZ! 😀

You can read more at the Huffington Post including Emmitt’s thoughts on White dancers versus Black dancers.