Adding A Younger Judge To Dancing With The Stars Judging Panel and More Rumors

Another day, more rumors to take with a grain of salt! This time an insider has told Hollywood Life that the producers of Dancing With The Stars are considering a younger judge for the panel and Derek Hough is a “favorite” to be one of them. Note how this source is also reporting that the show may be filmed one night in New York City in a future season.

“They want to skew younger as the seasons continue and are looking to potentially add a younger, well-named judge for the show. There have been no names thought of yet, [it’s] just that they want to go younger.”

Like Paula Abdul did this past season, “They also have considered having guest judges to join the real judges from week to week.”

And here’s another shocker, “Not next season but in another future season, they are considering doing it in NYC!”

Derek Hough, who placed second in the All-star season, is a favorite for a new judge.

“Some of the dancers may remove themselves from the dancing part and may become judges themselves. The favorites like Derek have been considered for that type of role, but the Producers are aware that Derek gets celebrities to the show because they want to dance with him, so they are taking that under consideration moving forward as well.”

You can read the full article at Hollywood Life.

My thoughts if true (and that’s a big “if”)? I wouldn’t mind a younger judge added to the panel. Though really, I’d rather it be someone like SHIRLEY BALLAS instead. I also wish they’d replace Carrie Ann. Maybe they could replace Carrie Ann with Shirley and add a younger judge. I think Derek would do a super job, but, I’d rather see him dance or do movies, videos, music, and Broadway. Let’s see what Miss Heidi thinks….

Heidi: I think hell might freeze over before Derek sits in judgement of his former cast mates. He might do it for ONE night, but I just don’t see it. Not to mention that that was NOT in the list of things he recently gave a “next steps”. Yeah, he did say he would always be connected to the show in some way, but I don’t believe this is what he had in mind.  I think someone took the NY Post story (which was later modified), saw all the discussion around the next about needing new judges…and got creative.   All that said, I’m still not sure we need new judges as much as we need “judging RULES”. The dancers have rules…seems to me the judges should as well. And not those that they can disregard whenever they want….lookin’ at you, CAI, and your ridiculous, misused, lift rule.