Insider Talks Of Rebooting Dancing With The Stars, Says Something Really Needs To Change

An insider from Dancing With The Stars tells Clicker on “Today” “no comment” when asked if there would be judging changes for the next season of Dancing With The Stars. However, this is what the insider did address…

“There’s nothing official yet, but yeah, there’s a lot of talk about rebooting elements of the show, and yes, even when and how long the seasons should run,” the insider explained. “Some of that is just the normal convos that take place (after the last season) wraps. But there is a sense that something really needs to change, and not just cosmetic changes. Ratings slipped (last season) and no one wants to see them slip any more.”

Deciding what to change is the real dilemma.

“It’s all about finding balance. You’ve got to evolve to stay on top, but you’ve got to keep the core of the show, because the fans still want it to feel like the show they love.”

You can read the full article at Clicker on “Today”.

I agree how they need to make some changes just enough to “evolve”,…but, not too many where they lose the core of the show for what we love. I wonder what he/she means about “when and how long the seasons will run”? I like how long the seasons are. However, I’m not always a fan of “two hour” shows except at the very beginning.

We look forward to your thoughts as always. And below is Heidi with her take…

Heidi: Er, gee, there is “a sense that something really needs to change” – wonder where you got that sense, eh??  Even the people with their heads so far up their…well, you know…can see that there are issues. BIG ones.  The really sad thing is -I don’t actually trust any of the producers to actually comprehend what the issues really are. They’ll do something to make matters worse. Let’s call it the Hollywood Bubble effect.  All that said – this sounds like an insider that’s not really an insider. If you aren’t willing to put your name on your comment, then you can expect a lot of skepticism.