Lacey Schwimmer Talks Of Dancing With The Stars, Dancing At The Mohegan Sun With Kyle Massey

The Weekender has an interesting interview up online with pro dancer Lacey Schwimmer. They discuss what it was like when she danced on Dancing With The Stars. Below is a take for how the producers pick partners and if she’s ever had difficulty with someone. More at the link as she also talks of her favorite dance on the show, Kyle Massey, and what she’d do if she retired from dancing. For those interested, you’ll be able to see Lacey and Kyle Massey dance at The Mohegan Sun on December 29th. Go here for more information.

THE WEEKENDER: You’ve had plenty of different dancing partners over the seasons you were on “Dancing with the Stars.” How is it decided who is going to dance with who?

LACEY SCHWIMMER: It really comes down to personality. The producers and the casting directors know us as dancers very well; they know what we’re capable of doing. They’ll pair us up with someone we have a conflict with, or someone we’ll get along with really well. It’s really them putting together a perfect casting as a whole.

W: Have you ever had any difficulty with someone?

LS: There’s a lot of pressure on people, especially if one week they have a great week and the next they have a terrible one. There’s not only a lot of pressure on them, but on you as choreographer and teacher to make them deliver. There’s definitely tension. Everyone’s tired and stressed. But the second you go on the floor, it doesn’t even matter. It’s so much fun, and you forget all the troubles you had during the week. You just go on TV in front of millions of people and shake it. I think it’s a good release for America to see people having a good time.