DWTS Karina Smirnoff To Hold New Years Eve Party, Makes Resolutions, Few More Details On New Movie

Dancing With The Stars Karina Smirnoff is holding a New Years Eve Studio 54 themed party at the Catalina Hotel in Miami, Florida. She’ll also be turning 35 the next day. Karina plans to go all out. Here is more from Miami.com.

“When I was younger my friends and I would celebrate the night of Dec. 31 and then finish by the morning of the 3rd,” she says from Los Angeles. “But now sometimes people are too overpartied. They’re like, ‘Oh, it’s too close to New Year’s Eve. We need to do something chill. We’re still recovering!’ ” The Dancing with the Stars pro also gets occasionally cheated out of good gifts.

“What’s this combined-present thing?” she says, laughing. “You can’t go that route with me. I can understand the thought process, but you need to go all out. Don’t double it. Triple it!” As fantastic as Smirnoff looks, she also isn’t crazy about aging: “A lot of people say, ‘Oh this is so exciting.’ No! It was exciting turning 25. Counting how many years you’ve been alive? I don’t like that at all.”

South Florida also has an article up with Karina about her New Year’s festivities which includes times and ticket information. She also gives a few more details on her new movie directed by Ralph Macchio. Here is a take…

The movie tells the story “about two people who have a chance encounter which gives them a new perspective on life.”

Although she admits the flick, also starring veteran actress Marsha Mason, may be a bit of a tear-jerker, Smirnoff says it’s about finding peace within yourself and helping others in life. “It leaves you thinking and hopeful.”

Macchio and Smirnoff, who were partners on Season 12 of “Dancing with the Stars,” have a family-like bond and will often hang out for family dinners and on holidays. However, watching him as a director was a new experience.

“Seeing him behind the cameras was definitely memorable and very cool…honestly, the whole filming process was one of the most amazing experiences of my life.”

I’m really looking forward to this movie, are you? More at South Florida where Karina also gives her New Year’s resolutions.