DWTS Season 16, Let the Campaigning Begin – Deena Nicole Cortese

It must be January, because the guessing games have begun. 🙂 Let me remind our readers of the difference between a real rumor, a campaign and a simple answer to a question.

A real rumor is just that – a rumor. Someone says “so and so is going to be on DWTS” – not just anyone, but someone who might be in a position to know or hear something. A campaign is when a “star” puts it out there (often over and over again) that they want to be on the show and they get their fans to spam ABC to get them on the show. Word to the wise – this has NEVER worked. We have yet to see a celebrity campaign their butts off and actually make it on to the show.

Option 3 is when some silly reporter randomly asks a celebrity (perhaps at the prompting of that celebrity’s PR person prior to the interview) if they would do DWTS. That allows the celebrity to signal their willingness to do the show without looking like they are campaigning.

Today we have what I think is the beginnings of a campaign – it’s hard to tell. You be the judge:

deena nicole cortese

ETA: I added this before but it didn’t post – Lots of her fans are suggesting Derek or Mark but I say give her to Maks cuz he LOVES him some Jersey Shore. 😉