Trailer Almost Finished For DWTS Derek Hough’s New Movie “Cobu”, New Dances Added, and More


Has promo just began for the release of Derek Hough’s new movie “COBU 3D” ….or uhhh, should we say “COBU”? Yesterday, director Duane Adler answered questions from fans regarding the movie at twitter. Here is what we found out (and I hope I didn’t miss anything):

1. Cobu is an Indie movie
2. The title is still undecided. “3D” has definitely been dropped.
3. In post production, two new dance scenes were added to the movie: one with Derek in New Orleans and another “steamy one” with Derek & BoA! The scenes “enhanced the plot”, but, didn’t change it.
4. The Trailer is nearly finished. Derek has written a song for the movie called “Let Me In” which will show up not only in the movie, but, in the trailer and for marketing.
5. They are hoping for a 2013 release favorably towards the end of the summer when dance movies (such as the “Step Up” movies) have done well. Duane thinks they have a shot of it being a “surprise hit”.

Lots more in detail at Pure Derek Hough at this link where you can get all the latest info on this movie. Heidi has stills, video teasers, and all the recent tweets for what transpired yesterday with director Duane Adler. So, be sure to check it out as this post doesn’t do it justice. Heidi, may have more to add below too. Yay, bring this movie on!!

Heidi: Duane is on Twitter again today and added the following comments:
– He wants to show “behind the scenes” during the marketing;
– They are planning to release this year in USA, Europe AND Asia;
– BoA, who is a huge music star in Asia, will have a new song time to the release of the movie;
– Trailer will be done next week, then it will be mixed for a week.

All I can say is…about time!! We’ve been waiting long enough, but I guess with Indie pics that’s the name of the game.