Dmitry Chaplin A “Diamond In The Rough” On Premiere Episode Of Bones (Video)

Did any of you get to see Dmitry Chaplin on the premiere episode of “Bones” last night? If so, how was he?

I haven’t seen the show since I’m not really a fan, but, Dmitry fans were lighting up twitter last night raving about him. If you missed it and you’d like to watch this episode with Dmitry, you can view it at TV Show 7.

Thanks to DmitryDreamTeam at facebook for the heads up. 😉

ADDING: Below is a wonderful review by PureDWTS reader “Violet”;

Dmitry Chaplin Proves He Has Acting Chops on Bones

On January 14th, fans of both Bones and Dancing with the Stars were treated to a double dose of entertainment—DWTS pro Dmitry Chaplin guest starred on Fox’s popular drama, playing the partner of a professional ballroom dancer who was the victim in the lab’s latest case.

Dmitry’s character was named Kendrick, a sizzling hot star in the ballroom world, known together with his partner as being the best of the best. Though he was a suspect for a very short amount of time, it was quickly determined that he was not the killer…just an arrogant dancer trying to get on a TV show that would provide him instant fame and a big paycheck.

I thought Dmitry gave a great performance, which I honestly wasn’t expecting. His dancing was wonderful, of course, but the acting was what surprised me. Watching the show, I was impressed by his ability to show a range of emotions, and he was very believable in his portrayal of a hot, cocky ballroom dancer, which is so different from the gentle personality Dmitry displayed on DWTS. Maybe he modeled his character after Maks?

THANK YOU Violet!!!xxx