General Hospital Executive Producer Wants To Bring DWTS Val Chmerkovksiy Back To Soap Opera

Guess what? If scheduling works out, Dancing With The Stars pro Val Chmerkovksiy may be making a return to General Hospital. This time…to DANCE! Below is more from Access Hollywood.

“Yes, we would love to bring Val back,” Valentini told Access at the ABC post-Television Critics Association Winter Session 2013 bash in Pasadena, Calif., last week. “It’s a little trickier because of scheduling, but if we can bring back Val, you may see him do a little dance with Kelly Monaco.”

Val previously appeared on the soap alongside Kelly’s on-screen mom, Alexis, played by Emmy winner Nancy Lee Grahn.

This time around – if the scheduling works – the “DWTS” pro will appear at the Nurses’ Ball, the function spectacle-wearing nurse Sabrina Santiago (Teresa Castillo) is working hard to revive.

“Yep,” Valentini confirmed of the proposed storyline. “We’re crossing our fingers. That one is totally based on schedule. We love Val, he loves us, he had a lot of fun [last time on the show] working with Nancy.”

“Why not have Kelly and Val dance at the Nurses’ Ball,” actress Lisa Lo Cicero, who plays the newly-psychic Olivia Falconeri, told Access, when we ran into her at the ABC party.

Lisa said Val was on set when she filmed one of her more dramatic moments of Fall 2012 – when Heather Webber (Robin Mattson) threw Olivia down the stairs.

“What a doll,” Lisa said of the “DWTS” hunk. “He was there watching the day that I did the stunt where I got thrown down the stairs. It made us all nervous because we didn’t want to look like douches in front of Val… He’s pretty cool.”

For the full story and to read more details, see Access Hollywood.

Cool! I’m tempted to start watching this soap again. 😯

ADDING: The NY Press also interviewed Val. He talks of his music, Dance With Me Studios, General Hospital, Dancing With The Stars, and more. You can read it here. Below is a little take….

On a typical day, how many hours do you dance?
Unfortunately, not enough. I think I get all of my dancing out of the way during the season of Dancing with the Stars. This last season especially, I went through grueling training, not only as a teacher to Kelly [Monaco], but also as a partner. I would say I dance a good two to three hours a day. I only say that because I teach five hours a day. And I’m not one of those instructors who sits back and points fingers. I’m actually on the floor.

You also rap, and guest-starred on General Hospital. Are those things you want to pursue—singing and acting?
Yeah, music is my passion. I’ve played the violin for 15 years. In terms of hip-hop music, I grew up in New York and that’s how I learned English, through Biggie. For me, that genre is really familiar; I’m attracted to it. As a young kid, I loved poetry, so those two elements came together, and I started writing and creating hip-hop music. In terms of acting, I would love to pursue that as well. These are avenues that people, when they have an opportunity, jump at—and a lot them fail. I don’t want to do them just because I have some sort of celebrity status. I want to do them well.

How long do you plan on competing on Dancing with the Stars?
I have a respect for the show and am very thankful for it. Whatever opportunities I have now, yes, my talent has earned, but Dancing with the Stars opened them up for me. Even if I have other projects, my loyalty will always be to that show. Besides that, I think it’s an amazing show—and clearly millions of people enjoy it as well. So as long as they ask me, I’ll be back.