Henry Byalikov Answers Questions About Dancing With The Stars Season 16 And Much More

Kristyn Burtt interviewed Dancing With The Stars pro Henry Byalikov in a fans chat on Monday. Fans showed up to ask him some questions about his dancing career and Dancing With The Stars. He talks of how busy he’s been during the off season from choreographing for the new King Kong Musical to taking Fitness and Health photo shoots.

On Dancing With The Stars Season 16, Henry has no idea who is dancing, but, he’s hoping he will be picked as pro. Henry has been preparing for the position by thinking about the kinds of dances and how each dance will be a challenge and fun. Henry is also looking forward to who he would be partnered with and showing what he can do.

When asked on his celebrity dream partner, Henry picked Kristin Chenoweth. He thinks she would perfect for the show.

They also chat about Henry’s favorite dances, his favorite dancer, Strictly Ballroom, and lots more.

You can listen to this fun interview in full HERE. I just love this pro. He’s so appreciative of his fans. I liked when he said his fans are what drive him.