PureDWTS: A Poem-Ode to the Competition Dancers

PureDWTS reader Patricia sent us a cool poem to feature. She and her husband use to be dancers. They competed for 12 years. During that time, she wrote the following poem. It makes you think about dancing and how it’s not all glamour and roses. Read on to see what I mean….

Poem-Ode to the Competition Dancers

We used to love our dancing,
to get out on the floor,
Two-step, waltz and line dance
and maybe a little more.

But now that we’ve got coaches
and are trying to compete,
We’ve discovered that our dancing
just isn’t quite complete.

Lift up – press out – get those shoulders down.
Stretch that neck – spot that turn
or you’ll never get around.

Sometimes I feel like “gumby”.
How do we move that way.
But it will make us better dancers,
and look better so they say.

Then some say dance for pleasure,
some say to please the judges.
Use your space – dance for the crowd.
Help – I think I’m nauseous.

Well we’ve got to be better dancers
for all the time and money spent.
We’re pulling up – we’re pussing down –
were styping to the hilt.

But woops with this styling,
we forgot our best routine.
So we’re on our own and winging it.
Lord, I hope he still can lead.

THANKS Patricia!!!