Dancing with the Stars Season 16 – Eric Idle Another No??

Gosh darn it, this rumor stuff is frustrating as…you know what. 🙂 Eric Idle is a fantastic funny man and he just tweeted this:

Eric Idle

Now, he is hilariously funny and responsible for Spamalot and Monty Python (and a zillion other things) – which I adored. This, of course, means he could be joking. But Eric Idle doesn’t seem the type to joke about DWTS – or give a rat’s arse about it at all. So, did he really turn it down? Or is he just joking? I WISH he would do the show!! He would be amazing. He would have to re-do Nancy And Tristan’s dance to “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life”. 🙂

And for GOD’S SAKE when will we hear a good, solid rumor of someone who we would LIKE to see on the show, instead of the endless parade of scary people or “NO!”s?? 😀 It’s making me loopy. Er.