Cheryl Burke Would Like Another Judge Added To Dancing With The Stars (New Interview)

Too Fab interviewed Cheryl Burke. They ask her on the “bad dancers” who are rumored to dance on Dancing With The Stars. They also ask Cheryl on her dream partner and what kind of changes she’d like to see on the show. Below is a take…

toofab: There are reports “Dancing With the Stars” is looking for more BAD dancers this season to boost ratings. What do you think?

Cheryl: I don’t think we need bad dancers. The beauty of the show is to see someone with no dance experience and see the journey they go through. Last season [the “All-Stars” edition] everyone was already so good so it wasn’t as fun [to watch].

toofab: You’ve been paired with athletes (Emmitt Smith) and entertainers with dance backgrounds (Drew Lachey) and people with none (Tom DeLay). Which partnerships are more challenging? Athletes are known to be perfectionists.

Cheryl: I’ve been competing since I was 13. I always been trained, same with athletes. You don’t have to walk on eggshells with them. Our show is a competition, and if you can’t take direction, you shouldn’t be on it.

toofab: Who would your dream partner be?

Cheryl: A male soccer player or male tennis player.

toofab: Like a Gerard Pique or Tom Djokovich?

Cheryl: [Laughs] I’d love to do an all-athlete season.

toofab: What other changes should the show should go through?

Cheryl: I love our judges so much but adding another judge would be interesting. Also, the stage is not intimate enough. Dance is intimate. When [the producers] made it bigger, people couldn’t relate to what’s going on.

I think it would be interesting for them to add another judge too. Though I think the current stage is cool. What do you think? More at Too Fab.