DWTS Season 16 – MORE Rumors, including Wynonna, Jacoby and Sean (Supposedly)

Yep, Rumor Fix has joined the rumor game – the question is, are they reliable or are they just going off of what has been rumored in the press and here?? Anyone else remember that they reported Faye Dunaway as dancing only to be dead wrong??  I have to say – Wynonna?? We made a wild-assed guess that maybe she was doing the show and it’s been discussed NO WHERE else and suddenly Rumor Fix says she’s in?? Color me highly skeptical.  If she’s not on the show, I guess we’ll know where they got that info. 😉  And if she IS on?? Then me and Vogue are just that GOOD. 😀

ABC isn’t announcing the cast of Dancing with the Stars until Tuesday on Good Morning America,but RumorFix has exclusively learned the names of four of the contestants.

We all know that DWTS loves Nashville and the competition show loves to showcase someone as they lose weight ala Kirstie Alley — hence, the selection of Wynonna Judd.

The Bachelor’s Sean Lowe will fill the slot for the hunky guy who takes his shirt off at the ready! Sean has been seen at the DWTS offices recently.

And, no season is complete without athletes — our sources tell us boxer/underwear model Victor Ortiz and Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Jacoby Jones will try to dance their ways into our hearts.

Other names that have been tossed around are Chef Bobby Flay and Olympic gold medal gymnast Aly Raisman, but we have not been able to confirm them.