PureDWTS Jacoby Jones Comes From A Long Line Of Dance Lovers In His Family

Baltimore Ravens Jacoby Jones minces no words. He’s taking Dancing With The Stars very seriously. He told E News that he plans to take it the top and win the mirror ball trophy. Check out the fun video here. Also you can see a photo from Jacoby’s childhood. Note how he wasn’t always the big, bulked up guy he is now.

Also, did you know Jacoby’s Mom loves to dance? She told the Baltimore Sun that dancing runs in their family and her son is a “natural”. Be sure to read the last paragraph below for what he told her when she told him he needed to take up ballet. LOL, so cute.

And Jones’ mother, Emily London-Jones, in a telephone interview from New Orleans, said dancing runs in the family and described her son as a natural.

“I love to dance,” said London-Jones, a popular figure with the Ravens after feeding the entire football team during the Super Bowl in New Orleans with her highly-praised Cajun cooking. “My family loves to dance, we all love to dance. Jacoby gets his dancing from me. It’s a religious thing for us, the gospel music. Jacoby grew up with the blues. It’s in his blood. We are all going to be glued to the television.

“I told Jacoby, ‘I want you to take up ballet.’ He’s pigeon-toed and he’s got to drag that foot to get those touchdowns. He told me, ‘Mama, I can’t do no ballet,’ but he has some foxtrot in him. He’s got that rhythm to coordinate. I know the judges are going to love his charisma, and his moves.”

You can read more at the Baltimore Sun.