Pure Dancing With The Stars First Las Vegas Odds For Season 16

It’s that time again!!!! Are you ready for the first Las Vegas Odds for Dancing With The Stars 16? Keep in mind before you take a look that the odds makers are almost always wrong in their beginning wagers. Also keep in mind that the odds could get shaken up real soon with a heavily rumored additional 12th couple added to the cast.

So, what have we got? So far, Sports Bovada is forecasting Aly Raisman to win. Maybe this could happen and maybe not, but, I don’t think I would want to be placed first if I was Aly. I also don’t think Andy Dick is going home first. I think he’s going to pull a Nancy Grace and be around for a while. He also reminds me a little of Jerry Springer. I think people might get addicted to he and Sharna’s fun humor and charm especially if, on top of everything, he can dance. I’m kind of worried that it might be Lisa to go home first instead, but, I hope not because I’m already love loving Gleb. 😀 So, what do you think and look for Miss Heidi and Courtney thoughts after you take a look at these….

Aly Raisman 7/2
Kellie Pickler 5/1
Zendaya Coleman 5/1
Jacoby Jones 13/2
Ingo Rademacher 7/1
Victor Ortiz 15/2
Dorothy Hamill 9/1
D.L. Hughley 10/1
Wynonna Judd 15/1
Lisa Vanderpump 20/1
Andy Dick 33/1


Courtney: I agree with Aly for the win, although I think her biggest competition will be Jacoby & Dorothy – so I’m a big puzzled that they aren’t higher.  I could also see Ingo going far and benefitting from the soap vote in much the same way Kelly did last season…especially if he & Kym have enough chemistry to incite some of the nuttier shippers 😛 I’m afraid that Lisa will be an early exit, but I’m actually worried that Victor might be the first to go – he & Lindsay just seem to be a little too wholesome & laid back, and I’m skeptical about his boxing fanbase being motivated to vote.  Zendaya? Wayyyy too high, even if she’s really good – Disney kids have generally not been able t0 make viewers really give a damn, even if they’re good dancers.  Just look at Roshon & Chelsea.  And really, Kellie in 2nd??? Just because she’s with Derek? No offense to Kellie fans, but she doesn’t exactly strike me as the sharpest (or most coordinated) tool in the shed.  I’m thinking she may follow more of the path of a Joanna or a Maria than a Shawn or a Ricki.  Interested to see where Sean & Peta fit in once they’re announced…I’m beginning to wonder if they’re going to be an early exit, just due to being a late addition.  That, and the fact that they seem to be a rather bland pairing.

Heidi: Considering that I don’t think the odds makers have EVER gotten it right in the first week, I’m going to say that once again they haven’t gotten it right. I like my odds. 🙂  Especially since we haven’t seen them dance. As for Kelly being number 2? I think she will finish in the top 4 or 5 – mainly because she has Derek and he has a record. Again, I think my odds are good. But number 2?? I dunno. There is a lot at play here. Pissed off fans that think he should have, by all yardsticks, have won last season, and the fact that he’s talking about “natural talent” and “hyper-entended legs” like he did with Brooke.  And Kellie herself tweeted that she doesn’t suck as much as she thought she would. All positive signs. But, as we all know, it’s not just about the individual dancers, but the people they are competing against. And I see some powerhouse talent in this cast and some potential fanbase ringers. I think Wynonna and Dorothy could be fanbase ringers, and I think Jacoby probably fits into that category as well.  Ingo? Maybe – but soaps are a dying breed for a reason. Zendaya is a ringer ringer – but she may suffer from the young Disney problem – that being that that age group doesn’t seem to vote.  We’ll have to wait and see if she gets the Chelsea Kane style propping up or not. As for Aly….I just don’t know. She may suffer terribly in comparison to Shawn without the benefit of a  few seasons between them. Can lightning strike twice?? I kinda doubt it.  Expectations are going to be extremely high in week 1 and if she doesn’t get on it right away, she could be in trouble. I doubt VERY much that she’ll get scored as hard as Shawn was, so there’s that. But she has a lot working against her, not the least of which is that this will be Mark’s third Olympian. Let that sink in people who complain about Derek – THIRD Olympian.  And all three are in the right voting demo for DWTS.   I think, all in all, they have the top four right – just maybe not in that order. Put Dorothy up in the top 5 and call it good.