Jacoby Jones Starting DWTS Rehearsals Late, Won’t Let Knee Surgery Hold Him Back (Interview)

Jacoby Jones might not be able to rehearse yet for Dancing With The Stars (he’s still healing from knee surgery), but, the Baltimore Raven is confident about not letting it hold him back even though his rehearsals will start late. Below is a take from Xfinity.

After the recent cast announcement, Jacoby exclusively told xfinityTV that because of minor knee surgery, he’ll be starting rehearsals with Karina a couple of weeks after the other celebrity dancers. But that won’t hold Jacoby back, as the confident athlete says about the dance competition, “I don’t know if I have any weaknesses.”

Football players have done so well on “DWTS” over the years. How do you think you’ll do?
We got a little footwork, we got a little rhythm, so it’ll pay off. I think it does take a lot of practice and hard work, so I’m ready for that.

Have you talked to Donald or Emmitt or anyone?
I haven’t talked to them yet. I’m waiting to see what they’re going to say, especially Donald! [who won Season 14]

Describe your strengths and weaknesses.
My strength is I have rhythm. [Laughs] I don’t know if I have any weaknesses. I don’t think. I never try to downsize. I go at it head first!

If Jacoby can’t rehearse yet like the other dancers, couldn’t this be a weakness? He has a lot of confidence though, has a hard work ethic, and is determined. It’s going to be interesting to see how well he dances for sure.

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