Dancing Is Like No Other Sport Ingo Rademacher Has Ever Done Before (New Interview)


Stoke Radio interviewed Ingo Rademacher this week!! Ingo talks of why he decided to do Dancing With The Stars. He wanted to get out of the “comfort style” he’s been living in and get even more in shape for Paddling competitions coming up. He says he scared though and it’s challenging more than any other sport he’s done. To win, Ingo also knows he has to work hard, concentrate on his steps, and be able to “dance” too. He and Kym have the Contemporary dance which is so different than Ballroom dancing. They don’t know their routine yet, but, they are slowly piecing it together. Next week, they will be rehearsing in Hawaii. Great interview and he’s got a fun sense of humor. You can listen to it HERE.

Picture above courtesy of Ingo’s twitter!! Looking good!

ADDING: HERE is cool article on Igno today too with some cool shots.