Dorothy Hamill Chats About Her First Rehearsals For Dancing With The Stars, Costumes, Ice Skating, And More

The Chicago Sun Times has a great new interview up with Dorothy Hamill where she talks all about her new ice skating shows, but, she also discusses Dancing With The Stars and what her first rehearsals have been like. She also tells us what kind of coach Tristan MacManus is making and how skating and dancing are different….

Q.You are partnered with Tristan McManus. What kind of a coach is he? Tough love or laid-back?

DH: Tristan is patient, patient, patient! He’s a saint. I’ve never seen frustration on his face though we’ve only been training for three days. I know he’s gotta be frustrated, because I am.

Q.How similar are skating and ballroom dancing? Or are they worlds apart?

DH: The dancing is sorta similar to skating but dancing really isn’t about movement; it’s all about the rhythm. People think skating would translate very easily to dancing but it really doesn’t. Dancing is a lot of fun and not as dangerous as being on the ice. But I’m starting to feel like the hippo in “Fantasia” [Laughs] and that’s embarrassing and humiliating. I have the most incredible partner in Tristan, but I’m starting to think he has the worst partner in me. We’ll see.

Q. Did you study dance when you trained as a skater?

DH: I didn’t study dance. I had some ballet lessons because I needed it for posture and for my arms, mostly. My skating coach said I really needed it, from the belly button up, as opposed to the footwork. In skating, the shoes don’t move. In ballroom, your feet move in all sorts of ways. So it’s very different. The dancing is a different kind of physically demanding work.

Q. What has early training for “DWTS” been like? Is it all about the basic steps or do you jump right in and learn a dance right out of the gate?

DH: Well, after four steps I’m pretty much lost right now! But Tristan has been teaching me basic steps. And we just got our music for our first dance. It’s a contemporary dance. We started the choreography yesterday. We’ll be getting the music for our second dance soon. As for rehearsals, we’re only allowed right now to work four hours with a half hour break, for the first two weeks of competition. After that I guess we’re on our own in terms of how much time we choose to rehearse.

This is a fun take about the costumes and the dances she’s dreading the most….

Q. What’s your take on the “Dancing with the Stars” costumes, which can be very revealing and have often been compared to the sparkly costumes of professional skating?

DH: The costumes are very different, though I haven’t had a wardrobe fitting yet. They are very revealing, that’s true. I’m just hoping mine won’t be too revealing. I’m the oldest person on the show this season. That was a revelation! I just have to make sure they cover up as much as possible. But I am looking very forward to the spray tan on my legs! That will be fun. My legs are ice skaters’ legs. No tan in sight.

Q.Which dances are you dreading and which are you looking forward to the most?

DH: I’m intimidated by the Jive and the Quickstep, I think. The quickness and the rhythm of the steps of those dances as far as I’ve seen are very intimidating. In skating we get to glide. Interestingly, Kristi said the Fox Trot was the most difficult for her.

I’d be intimidated by those dances the most I think too. Great interview! Be sure you read it in full here.

UPDATE: And here is Tristan and Dorothy on ET in a rehearsal interview. So cute and I’m loving their moves. What do you think?!!