Karina Smirnoff And Jacoby Jones Are Up For DWTS Challenge, Teaches Harlem Shake To Kids

According to People.com, Karina and Smirnoff and partner Jacoby Jones are “very behind” in rehearsals since he had to start late due to knee surgery. Regardless and for fun, they took a break from rehearsals to teach the “Harlem Shake” to kids. Be sure to check it out HERE. It’s so cute. When you are finished watching them shake it, read this take from People …especially the last quote.

“It’s unfortunate on a preparation level that they don’t have as much time as everyone else,” the source says, of the contestants on the show, which debuts season 16 on March 18. “It’s crunch time.”

But the source assures that Smirnoff – who recently told PEOPLE she was “on cloud nine” when her partner was revealed – and Jones are “ready for the challenge, they are both incredible athletes and they’re used to pressure and working hard under any circumstance.”

This is getting more and more interesting by the minute, isn’t it?!!