Official Rehearsal Photos Released Of Dancing With The Stars Season 16

Things are really gearing up! Now TPTB have released some official rehearsal pics of some of the couples for Dancing With The Stars Season 16. Below is Sharna & Dick, Gleb & Lisa, and Ingo and Kym! You can view more pics of the other couples at Broadway World (they have a nice big picture gallery) and Getty Images (lots here). Let us know what you think (after you look them all over) for what kind of dancers you think they will make? Each couple looks like they will bring something different.

I love Dick’s concentration. He’s taking this competition seriously….


Beautiful extensions!!


Is it me, but, do these two have passion and sexual chemistry or wha??! LOVE!!! πŸ˜€

This is going to be such a good season. Are you ready? 9 more days and counting All!! πŸ˜€

ETA: Heidi here – got my hands on some Kellie and Derek rehearsal photos, thanks to my bud Donamadrina. You can see all of them at PureDerekHough, but I’ve put one below too.