Be Sure To Watch GMA Every Day Next Week, Another Rumor On DWTS Sean Lowe Addition

Hey, just some media alerts!!! Be watching GMA every day next week. Each day a celebrity is suppose to be interviewed about Dancing With The Stars counting down to the show’s two-hour season premiere on March 18th.

Also, one of our readers named Angela is reporting that she saw a video posted last night at “The Bachelor” Facebook page with Sean Lowe and a “behind the scenes” look of the Dancing With The Stars title shoot. In the video, Sean commented about โ€œhow he was excited and has his work cut out for himโ€. Then 5 minutes later, Angela went to refresh the page and the video had been deleted and replaced with a sneak peek of the finale of The Bachelor. Angela says the video with Sean was about 4 minutes long and showed parts with Pitbull. All the pros and stars were also talking.

Anyway, we aren’t sure what to think at this time, but, add this info to the heavily rumored 12th contestant announcement. Also note that Tuesday morning Sean Lowe is scheduled to make a guest appearance on GMA. Most likely he will be interviewed about the “The Bachelor” finale, but, it could have something to do with Dancing With The Stars as well? He also has a teleconference planned for Tuesday. So, stay tuned. ๐Ÿ˜‰

ADDING: Codebear2 dmed us at twitter (and I think Court mentioned this too in one of her comments) that they could also announce that Sean Lowe is dancing on Dancing With The Stars on Monday night during The Bachelor – After The Final Rose. This would also make the best sense if they want to pull in fans of The Bachelor.