Dancing With The Stars Ingo Rademacher On His Strengths And Weaknesses

Ingo Rademacher talks “Jax to Jive” with XFinity. He won’t say if he and Kym can win Dancing With The Stars, but, he’s fit and has some rhythm and more…

Will being a physically strong guy help you in the competition?
That’s a good thing and maybe [also] staying in rhythm. Rhythm, I can kind of do, the beat, but then, doing all the changes and stuff kind of worries me.

Is there a chance you could come back to “GH” now that you’re back in L.A.?
Yeah, absolutely. I would love to. I’m always open to coming back, for short periods. We did that last year, so yeah. [And according to recent reports, it’s now a done deal!]

Even athletes have been injured on “DWTS.” Do you fear that?
Yes. Definitely. I don’t really get injured that much and a couple of days ago in rehearsal, we were doing some lifts and practicing some pretty cool stuff but a few years ago, I would have been like, “let’s do this one!” This time I went, “let’s put this off a few days” because my legs were getting really sore from doing all the lunging. Also, I’m trying to show Kym what my flexibility is and what I can do with my feet and how far I can stretch and lunge and kick.

Do you think you can win?
I can’t say that [but] it would be great. We gotta take it week by week and see where it goes. I’m really excited to get out there. I want to get the first Monday night [performance] over with already!

Two class acts and bring on the passion! You can read more at XFinity.