DWTS Season 16 – Sean Lowe’s Big Announcement

In what was a surprise to exactly NO ONE, Sean was on GMA this morning with his :::cough:::temporary:::cough::: fiance and announced that he and Peta will be the 12th couple on DWTS.

They even had Peta on the show. Peta said they’d been keeping it a secret for a long time – I take that to mean that they’ve been training although they kinda claim that they haven’t been doing any training thus far.

ETA: Yes, they are very ambiguous on his status – I think he’s been training elsewhere, but they may try to make it look like he just started – much the way GMA tried. But the way everything was phrased, I got the impression he had been training. It was a very short segment – I think because the segment with Valerie Harper went longer.

Sean’s in these two videos – thanks to @Taryn_Wilke!!

UPDATE: This is Vogue and here is a video from GMA today….

“The Bachelor” Takes The Dance Floor from Elena Grinenko on Vimeo.