Victor Ortiz Talks Of His Chemistry And More With DWTS Partner Lindsay Arnold

Victor Ortiz tells XFinity he’s not a dancer, but, he and Lindsay have great “communication” which he thinks is important. Read why below as well as why he decided to do Dancing With The Stars and his past dancing experience. He also talks of their “chemistry”.

Why did you sign on for “DWTS”?
I decided to do the show because it’s a different way of competing. I have a great partner in front of me, Lindsay, and with her help, I’m sure we’re going to be just fine.

Have you danced before?
My previous experience with dance was about three seconds before I met Lindsay. Well, I do dance a little bit but it’s not her style of dancing. Lindsay’s style of dancing is professional. Mine is just like [freestyle], “Hey, what’s up? We’re going to have a good time!”

How’s your chemistry with Lindsay?
Lindsay and I are having a great time. I mean, her personality speaks volumes; it’s awesome. I wouldn’t have changed it because from the moment we met, ‘til now, we talk so much, we communicate, and communication is very important, especially because I’m not a dancer and she’s trying to get through to me.

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I’ll never forget how he came out shaking it and all smiles during the Dancing With The Stars cast announcement. He was like a ray of light! Is it possible this team could take us places? We will soon see. 🙂