Lisa Vanderpump And Gleb Savchenko Having A lot Of Fun Getting Ready For DWTS!!

Lisa Vanderpump tells E Online that she’s covered with bruises from falls in rehearsals with Dancing With The Stars partner Gleb Savchenko. It hasn’t been easy learning to dance and it’s been more difficult than she thought. The hardest thing has been keeping up the pace and trying to keep her mind and body in sync with one another. Lisa also discusses the Real Housewives and the controversy surrounding what’s in the news on it. More in a video HERE. You’ll get to see Gleb too. 😀

Speaking of….Lisa talks of Gleb in a new interview with TV Guide as well. She says she has “the most talented, gorgeous, kindest dancer on the planet”!! She also talks of who she’s keeping an eye on in this competition….

How’s everything going?
Lisa Vanderpump: Everything is harder than I can imagine. It’s a challenge. Who knows what will happen at this point?! [Laughs] Everything is out of my comfort zone because I’ve never done any of this before. But Gleb is wonderful. He has a great sense of humor and we’re having a lot of fun.

Do you feel pressure to do well, especially with Gleb being a new pro?
Vanderpump: I feel pressure from all directions. If I fail miserably, I’m a great mother, wife and businesswoman and a bad dancer! So what? [Laughs] We’ll see. I’ll give it my best shot. I have the most talented, gorgeous, kindest dancer on the planet and we’re working hard.

Who are you keeping an eye on?
Vanderpump: All of them! Dorothy Hamill is amazing. She’s such a lovely woman. That’s one of the best parts of this — you meet these amazing people.

More at TV Guide including how she rates herself as a dancer and more Real Housewives talk.

You can also see Lisa in some new pics at the Daily Mail too. She’s such a classy dresser!