Victor Ortiz and Lisa Vanderpump Make Some Dancing With The Stars Press Rounds

Celeb contestants Victor Ortiz and Lisa Vanderpump made some press rounds today to talk about dancing and Dancing With The Stars. Below they talk with ABC15. Victor says it’s anyone’s ballgame for who can win Dancing With The Stars Season 16. Lisa says she’s taking it all one week at a time. Dancing is much harder than they both thought it would be. Also, you can take part and read a chat HERE too with them if interested today.

UPDATE: Here is Victor on Access Hollywood sharing a story of triumph over tragedy….

UPDATE2: Xfinity also interviewed Lisa and Victor. Below is a little take about their first dances. Be sure to see the link for more.

I know you can’t reveal too much, but can you give us any clues about your first dances?
Lisa: Well, hopefully, I just want to get through it. My dance — I can’t say what it is but it’s so kind of foreign to what I would normally do, if that gives you a clue. It’s obviously not something contemporary. That’s been quite challenging, to adopt the positions you need to know [sighs]. If I can get through it and memorize it, that will really be enough for me. I’ll be thrilled with that.
Victor: Absolutely. On my end, a little clue is, I’m very loose. [Laughs]
Lisa: What part of your body is loose?
Victor: [Cryptically] You know. Whenever you’ve gotta move! You have to keep loose up top and I’m a very tense person. It’s very rough.