Welcoming In Dancing With The Stars Season 16 And Reasons Not To Quit Watching

PureDWTS reader Lois contributed a wonderful poem to welcome in the new season of Dancing With The Stars. This is cool and sets the mood. Enjoy and thanks Lois!!xx

My Poem to Welcome Season 16
by PureDWTS reader Lois


A banner is waving, Season 16 appears on Monday night
The stars will come out, sparkling, shining so mega-bright

Another season of DANCING WITH THE STARS will appear
Bewitching, bedazzling, the spectacular show is almost near

The ladies will be shining, be all dolled up for the first dance
Dorothy and Tristan, Aly and Mark, they will be taking a chance

Zendaya and Val, Wynonna and Tony, ready to take the floor
Kellie and Derek, Lisa and Gleb, what will they have in store

The men on the banner will look spit-shined, polished for sure
D. J and Cheryl, Ingo and Kym, who could want for much more

Jacoby and Karina, Victor and Lindsay, will shuffle and glide
Andy and Sharna, Sean and Peta, will show us dancing pride

Len, Carrie Ann, Bruno are warming up their paddles to score
Brooke and Tom will announce the dancers, opening the door

A Star Spangled Banner is complete, is shimmering all aglow
The stars will glimmer like diamonds and its on with the show!

Written By Lois A Troutman, March 16, 2013


Also, AARP has given 5 reasons why people shouldn’t quit watching the show. This is a fun read too before showtime as well. #5 has me cracking up!!

1. It’s fun to witness the transformative power of this dance competition. Wynonna Judd, with her great big heart, hair and personality, is this season’s star prospect for going zaftig-to-svelte. Past fat-to-fit competitor Kirstie Alley has been in touch with Wynonna, offering support. “She has become my sister and mentor,” Wynonna said.

2.Dorothy Hamill. Loved her! Missed her! Who could forget the America’s sweetheart figure skater, when she won Olympic gold in 1976 with her signature “Hamill Camel” spin and everyone ran out to get wedge haircuts? She’s still doing “Stars on Ice” shows and looking great at 56. Win, Dorothy, win!

3.Andy Dick. Yes, the Celebrity Rehab alumnus = stunt casting. But admit it: you’re curious about how he is going to do as a dancer, too.

4.Kellie Pickler. Look at that split! The country cutie, paired with the formidable Derek Hough, is one to watch.

5.They’ve added jazz and contemporary to the list of dance styles, potentially bringing in fresh and fun numbers.But there are elements of concern. They added The Bachelor Sean Lowe to the competition as a late entry. Did you watch The Bachelor? Is it just me, or is he looking a little purple and green?

More at AARP. One more day and counting down, Dance Cadets!!! You ready?