Andy Dick Has Found Another Way Of Rehabilitating His Mind, Body and Soul By Doing DWTS

Andy Dick spoke with ET Online about his first week of struggles with learning to dance. He also speaks of why he decided to dance and how he’s learned another way to rehabilitate his mind, body and soul. More below (I love the highlighted part) and at ET Online.

ETonline: How have the rehearsals been for you?
Dick: The first week was hell and I thought it would never let up. But then it suddenly got to be fun and now I’m smiling and laughing in rehearsals. I have the dance down, so now it’s about refining it so we can kick everybody’s ass.

ETonline: Everyone has different reasons for doing DWTS. Some want a career reinvention, some want to lose weight and others just come for the experience. What brought you aboard?
Dick: I think all of the above. I went in to rehabilitate people’s opinions of me. I feel like when I walk into a casting room, everyone starts shaking their head, like, “Oh, that guy?” Whether it’s true or not, that’s how I feel. Plus, if you win, you win a million dollars. So then it became about the money. But what I did not anticipate was that I would be rehabilitating my mind, body and soul. I have grown more as a person in the last two weeks than I have in the last 10 years. The old me would have quit within the first few hours. But I got through those tough days and now I feel like I can almost do anything. I feel like even if I’m the first one voted off, I’m already a changed man and have gotten everything out of this experience that I needed.

THIS is what Dancing With The Stars is all about!!! Go Andy!!