DWTS Season 16 Competitors Tell What Makes Them Sexy (Video), Cheryl Burke Blogs

In Cheryl Burke’s first Dancing With The Stars Season 16 blog for People.com, she writes of D.L. Hughley’s struggle in the beginning. He has a lot to improve on, but, they’ve got a “motto” set which you can read about in this take and more…

But it’s always a struggle in the beginning. D.L. has more room for improvement, but he’s learned his routine. We had a big breakthrough when we were actually able to get through the whole routine to music. He just needs to loosen up a little and have a good time. At the end of the day, even if he’s not going to be the best technical dancer, at least he has personality and can show people that he’s having fun.

D.L. doesn’t take himself too seriously – and that’s great. But I showed him old footage of a previous partner, Emmitt Smith, who glowed when he was dancing. He had so much charisma. I told D.L. to do what he does when he’s doing stand-up comedy.

I’m sure he’s nervous. It’s something he’s never done before. Dancing and flying are the most terrifying things to him. That’s why he signed up to do this show – he wanted to do something that was completely out of his comfort zone. Our first dance is the cha cha. He really needs to loosen up his hips. He says his hips are shy. We have to get them moving. At the end of the day, he’s physical. He can really hear the music. He dances on time to it.

D.L. is going to be fine. I told him that no matter what, I will see him on the other side, which means we just have to get to our last move. He said some of his friends would say the same thing to each other before a stand-up routine. That’s going to be our motto this season.

Something just does not feel right about this? I get a negative vibe more than all of her partners?

To read the full blog and to also see a fun video where some of the contestants tell about what makes them sexy (this is a hoot!), visit People.com.