Executive Producer Speaks Out About Building DWTS Long Time Future, New Themes, And More

Dancing With The Stars Executive Producer Conrad Green spoke to TV Guide about the All Stars last season and how he thinks listeners ended up wanting to see “new” stars and not “old” stars. For Season 16, it’s about bringing in new faces to see new stories happen and bulding Dancing With The Stars long time future. He also talks of the new pros added in this take and why they made some changes…

“New blood is so important,” Green says. “The people who are your favorites now are only your favorites because they were introduced years ago. As always, that doesn’t mean our old pros won’t be considered in the future, but we want to be bring people through and we’ve been looking at Lindsay, Gleb and Sharna for a while. We want them to be your favorites years from now. They all bring something unique to the table.”

I totally support Mr. Green on this idea. I love some of the old pros, but, “change” is also important to keep things refreshing and new.

Mr. Green also talks of the what kind of dances and themes we’ll see this season and those we won’t see. Note how Week 3 will be “Prom Night”. There will also be a “Best Year of Your Life Week”.

“The more outlandish stuff probably won’t be back,” Green says. “The picking [dances] for each other will be. I don’t think there’s an issue with that. … Some of the things we did last season was because it was All-Stars and some of those people had done the whole show, so we had to keep them guessing. I don’t think we’ll be pushing as far and wide with the challenges now because I don’t think we need to. A lot of the joy is seeing if someone can do a paso.”

The Dancing staple, theme weeks, will be back as usual, with some new ones. Week 3 will be Prom Night, inspired by the stars’ own proms and for which fans will be able to vote to crown the Prom King and Queen. “Maybe the celebrities will do some version of their prom outfits,” Green says with a laugh. “There will probably be some campy music. We’re looking at some other special performance nights. One will probably be Latin. We’ll do The Best Year of Your Life Week. It’s small tweaks like that that are vital. Nothing radical.”

I’m not a fan to theme nights unless the music matches the style of dances, but, we’ll see. You can more at TV Guide. After you read it, let us know what you think of everything he says?

Heidi: Yes, let’s take a show that already is seen by cheesy even by it’s fans and see if we can make it the ULTIMATE in cheesy and add a prom theme night. Ya know, I generally think theme nights are CRAP but this one is the ultimate in CRAP.  Another excuse for stupid outfits, stupid props and cranky ass Len who will dock someone (either Derek or Mark, is my guess) for having too many balloons at their prom. Oh, and Mark will wear horn rimmed glasses with his short pants. Again.   At least he’s admitting up front to tweaks – but nothing radical?? Yeah, we’ll see about that.

I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Obviously. 🙂