GMA Goes Into DWTS Stage Rehearsals, ABC Releases Season 16 Pre-Party, Parking Lot Coverage

Check out this piece from GMA today!! Melissa Rycroft commentates on the first rehearsals on stage this weekend. You can watch it here or see the video below thanks to Codebear. He tells me that the video below is longer than what was shown on GMA.

Countdown To “Dancing” – Inside The Final Rehearsal from Elena Grinenko on Vimeo.

ABC has also released a 5 part Dancing With The Stars Pre-party video series to get us ready even more for tonight’s premiere. I haven’t watched these all in full yet, but, for what I’ve seen of Part 1, this is fun!!

Lastly, Dancing With The Stars Radio also has some cool interviews to take in if you haven’t yet. You can listen to them HERE. Also, check out PopTVDotCom for some rehearsal parking lot action from the weekend. Below is the newest addition…

UPDATE: Louis Van Amstel has written a preview for 5 Things to Watch in the ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Season 16 Premiere. You can read it in full at ABC. Below is a take about costumes and dance ability….

4. Look out for how the costumes fit. The costumes the pros and celebs design are just as important as the dance since it’s part of the whole package. Do they enhance the body? Are both costumes cohesive? Are they in character with the dance? Are they “less is more,” yet carefully thought over? Are they very theatrical and thematic, but still classy? I have my own active wear clothing line called LVA coming out at Sears very soon, so I’ll be watching what the couples wear this season.

5. Look for dance ability and what each celeb brings to the table — besides dancing. After all is said and done, we know that “DWTS” is not just a dancing show. It’s also a contest between the celebs’ fan bases. It’s very important for the pros to choreograph a routine for the celeb that is challenging on one end, yet easy enough on the other so the celeb can show off his or her personality. The more personality that is shown, the more you guys respond. In my opinion, it’s a balancing act between both. Please don’t forget to take in consideration if a celeb starts a season with any experience or none, especially in the earlier weeks!