PureDWTS 16 Week 1 – Interviews After The First Dance, Learn Dances For Next Week

Wow, what a great first night of dancing and entertainment on Dancing With The Stars Season 16. Let’s get right to the interviews afterwards with George Pennacchio of On The Red Carpet, but, first, if you haven’t given your reviews and rankings of the couples, be sure you do so HERE!! With that said, onto the interviews after the show, but, note that there aren’t any intertiews so far with Jacoby and Karina. Did they go straight to rehearsals? Also, for all the new interviews with Derek and Kellie, visit Pure Derek Hough as Heidi will be gathering up everything on them there. Ok, let’s get started….

First up, Zendaya and Val!! Zendaya had no idea she would get such high scores last night, but, she just wants to push to do better. Val tells George she looks “promising”. They have the Jive next week. It’s not about the scores for Val, but, about “the dance” and doing the best they can.

Ingo and Kym!! George starts off by commending them for such a great first dance. Kym says he’s fearless in his ability and she was so proud of the moves and lifts he did. Ingo is nervous about having only 5 days to learn the Quickstep, but, Kym has total confidence in him. He tells George to ask him about his confidence level next week after he does the Quickstep.

Dorothy is encouraged and warmed by all the love and positive compliments she heard last night, but, she’s nervous and wants to keep improving and giving her best. Shes gracious and humble. Tristan says they are going to stay focused and work hard.

George starts out telling Andy and Sharna that they had the most applause in the press room after their dance. They are both warmed and thankful. Andy said last night was a big high for him. Next they have the Jive (or did Sharna say “Jazz”?). Sharna says they plan to keep working hard and she will let Andy have artistic freedom to do his comedic thing. The dance will also be “darker”. He’s glad the first dance is over and they can’t wait to move forward.

Aly says she’s so excited and she had so much fun last night. Mark says there is a such a good vibe every where which seemed to be missing last season (I agree! I’m feeling that vibe too! Are you?). Mark also loves that Aly wants to work so hard. She was ready to go back to practice. Mark says she never complains.

Peta says being in the middle is good, but, Sean was hoping for better scores. He’s competitive and he wants to do better and shoot for the top next week. They have the Jive next week and they are going push forward and bring fluidity and fun.

Lisa is a little overwhelmed by last night as you can imagine, but, Gleb had high praise for her and he is so proud!! Jiggy is proud too, but, very sleepy! They are going to go have a drink and then Gleb wants to go straight to practice. By the way, when you get some time, see this great piece on Nightline with Lisa if you’d like to get to know her more. Gleb is also in the piece.

George commended Victor and Lindsay for all of their grace and charm! He always had a smile on his face which Lindsay said was one of their goals. He’s more confident after dancing the first time and now he’s ready for week 2 and correcting the things he needs to improve on.

Wynonna says Tony is ‘her barameter’. He had final say in judging her performance last night. Tony is proud of her and loved when she smiled at him during their performance. They talked about her mother, Naomi, and how she cheered Wynonna on. Wynonna is anxious to start practicing for their Quickstep today.

Cheryl says she’s never received a “4” before and D.L. says to ‘get use to it’. George says he shouldn’t let the scores ruin his spirit. D.L. didn’t like the Cha Cha and knows he didn’t do well, but, he’s looking forward to doing better with the Quickstep. He knows he can do better next week and he says he won’t get a “4” again.

Tony and Wynonna, Val and Zendaya, and Lisa and Gleb also chatted with Access Hollywood. You can listen to their interviews HERE. Below is the cast with ET Online….

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ADDING: Below is some coverage of the after Parties…

CNN also interviewed the couples. You can watch their interviews HERE.

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