Dorothy Hamill Dishes On Her First Dance on Dancing With The Stars and More

The LA Times interviewed Dorothy Hamill after her first dance on Dancing With The Stars. She answers a question on whether she thinks ice skaters have an unfair advantage since they are use to learning choreography. She also talks of the biggest surprise she’s had doing the show so far.

Q: Some fans of the show complain that figure skaters have an unfair advantage because they are used to learning choreography. Some say dancing and figure skating are two entirely different sports and one doesn’t help the other. What are your thoughts about it?

It is true that we are used to choreography, but the movements are so different. In skating, you glide; in dancing you step and must balance. The movements are complete opposites. I find the transition very challenging because in skating you have forward motion, but in dancing the physics are simply different.

Q: You’ve obviously watched the show in the past. What is the biggest surprise to you (that you didn’t realize when watching) about being on the show?

The biggest surprise — and delight — is how supportive and collegial everyone is. There is so much thought and effort which goes into making all of us be successful — costumes, hair and makeup, the producers, set design, the music, the pro dancers and the friendship we are forming among the celebrities. I think it is extraordinary!

More at the LA Times including Dorothy’s thoughts on the pressure and nerves of her first dance on the show versus skating for an Olympic gold medal. *love her!!