Pure Dancing With The Stars Season 16: Jacoby Jones “is Coming”

After Monday night’s dance, NFL AM interviewed some of the cast of Dancing With The Stars to ask them their thoughts on Jacoby Jones. Andy Dick described him as the “sweetest guy” and he has “cahonies” to be dancing like he is just coming off knee surgery. Kellie Pickler says Jacoby “lights up the room”, “he’s funny”, and “he’s so easy to love”. Then they interview Jacoby and Karina. They were happy with how their dance turned out despite having such a short time to practice. His Mom is so excited that Jacoby is dancing. He says she was probably tapping her toes in the audience and dying to get out on stage with him. Note for how Jacoby says “he’s coming” and why. Lot’s more in detail HERE. Great interview (despite the biased reporter, lol). Jacoby is a hoot. I like him the more we get to know him. I’m getting his sense of humor now.