Victor Ortiz Talks On Dancing With The Stars Week One, The Paso Doble, And More

Victor Ortiz tells the LA Times that he is excited to learn all of the dances for Dancing With The Stars….especially the Paso Doble since he’ll be able to “channel his inner fighter”. He also talks of what his nerves were like for week one and if his experience in boxing is helping him. Below is the take about the Paso Doble. This would be cool to see…

Q: Are there any particular dances coming up this season that you are looking forward to? I would think that the Paso Doble would be natural for you.
I am really excited to learn all the dances actually, so I want to make sure I make it to the end and win this thing! Lindsey is such a great partner and I think we work well together which is key. The Paso Doble…yeah that dance takes a lot of brawn and passion, so I can channel my inner fighter if I get a chance to do that one. I can’t talk about the dances I will be doing in the coming weeks, but I guess everyone will just have to tune in to see my new moves. Let’s hope I can wow the judges and all my fans with how good we do on the dance floor.

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