DWTS Val Chmerkovskiy And Zendaya Talk Of Their First Meeting, Their Next Dance, And More

16 going on 30? Zendaya’s maturity amazes me. Here she is with Val on Access Hollywood today talking of their first meeting for Dancing With The Stars. They also discussed their first dance and being at the top of the leaderboard. Zendaya is having the greatest time. Val talks of Zendaya’s biggest strength which he thinks is her personality. Billy and Kit also try and get Val to talk about what’s going on with Maks and if he’s jealous of Val and Zendaya (Uggh, hate that they asked him that? The lengths they go with their questions sometimes amazes me). Val tells them nothing except that Maks is not jealous and that he woke him up this morning and is of great support. More below….

Stay tuned. Their might be a new interview with these two posted soon at RyanSeacrest.com soon as well.