PureDWTS A Shake Up In Las Vegas Odds For Season 16 Week 2 – What Do You Think?

Think of success as a game of chance in which you have control over the odds. As you begin to master concepts in personal achievement, you are increasing your odds of achieving success. ~Bo Bennet on beating the odds

Sports Bovada has posted their new set of odds for Dancing With The Stars Season 16 Week 2. As always with the first dance, the odds get shaken up which they did so again. Though I’m shocked the odds makers are putting Aly Raisman so high. Was her first dance really that worthy of a second placing? However, huge kudos to Andy Dick making a big jump. I think Andy is a better dancer than Sean (and more liked), so I hope to see him placed even higher next week?

Zendaya Coleman 2/1
Aly Raisman 7/2
Kellie Pickler 7/2
Jacoby Jones 5/1
Dorothy Hamill 7/1
Ingo Rademacher 15/1
Sean Lowe 15/1
Andy Dick 50/1
Victor Ortiz 50/1
Lisa Vanderpump 75/1
Wynonna Judd 75/1
D.L. Hughley 100/

First Las Vegas Odds to compare:

Aly Raisman 7/2
Kellie Pickler 5/1
Zendaya Coleman 5/1
Jacoby Jones 13/2
Ingo Rademacher 7/1
Victor Ortiz 15/2
Dorothy Hamill 9/1
D.L. Hughley 10/1
Wynonna Judd 15/1
Lisa Vanderpump 20/1
Andy Dick 33/1

Also, and for fun, below are the odds from Wynn Las Vegas currently. I think these are really out of whack and I question if they even saw the first dances for how high they put Wynonna and how low they put Zendaya. 😯 Also, shouldn’t Victor and Wynonna be placed more at the end? D.L. should be placed last in my opinion.

ALY RAISMAN Mark Ballas 6 TO 1
JACOBY JONES Karina Smirnoff 7 TO 1
DOROTHY HAMILL Tristan MacManus 8 TO 1
ZENDAYA COLEMAN Valentin Chmerkovskiy 9 TO 1
WYNONNA JUDD Tony Dovolani 14 TO 1
SEAN LOWE Peta Murgatroyd 20 TO 1
D.L. HUGHLEY Cheryl Burke 25 TO 1
ANDY DICK Sharna Burgess 30 TO 1

So, what do you make of this week’s interesting shake up in odds? Let’s see what Heidi and Court think too….

Heidi: Β I think that the top set of odds has the first five eliminations right, and maybe even in the correct order, although I would be inclined to switch Wynonna and Victor. But after that it gets really tricky. I think someone they have in the top three is going to get bumped for Jacoby, although I’m not AS convinced as Courtney that he will win. I’m hedging. πŸ™‚ By all rights, based on last week, those ladies should be the top 3 but I think that Aly will get bumped for Jacoby. Β As for the middle of the pack? They feel pretty middle of the pack to me. Of course, everything could change in week 3 when they suddenly don’t have as much time to get a dance down. Since they appear to have changed Derek and Kellie’s dance on them well after they learned Jive, they could be in trouble as well. We’ll see! Oh, and as for Wynn…I seem to recall they got last season right at least in the final week – question is, did they have it right all season long? Your odds of calling the final right is pretty easy – you have a 3 in 1 shot at it. Β This Wynn odds chart is just a mess. I don’t think they have a single thing right.

Courtney: Zendaya is good, no doubt, but we still have yet to see whether she whether she’ll be able to break the “Disney curse” – I’d say Roshon was just as talented asΒ she was, and that poor kid was in the bottom two seemingly every week.Β  Haven’t seen anything from Aly yet that makes me think she’s gonna finish that high – and I still think Jacoby is the only shoo-in for the finale, and the most likely to win it all.Β  As for the bottom of the odds – I think Wynonna probably has a slight edge over Lisa, but other than that, I think they got it about right.Β Who the hell knows what’s going on at the Wynn – the fact that they think D.L. still has a fighting chance makes me think they’re smoking the wacky tobacky.Β  πŸ™‚