Tristan MacManus On DWTS Week 2: “another week of experience will be crucial”

A few media things on Dorothy Hamill and Tristan MacManus!! First, Dorothy Hamill tells News 8’s Erin Ovalle in Portland, Oregon that taking on Dancing With The Stars has been “really scary” being she doesn’t know the first thing about dancing. She’s hoping she doesn’t make a fool of herself. This interview was filmed right before the premiere, but, it’s a good one to watch now too. I love how humble she is. You can also see some cool shots of Tristan and Dorothy in rehearsals. You can watch it in full HERE.

Also, interviewed Tristan this week. Below he tells us how their second dance (the Jive) is coming along. He also sizes up the cast.

You have the Jive coming up for Week 2. How is that coming along?

Jive is taking its time alright but looking forward to it. It’s a lively, fun dance so happy faces make a difference when it comes to nerves I think against a more straight-faced restricted ballroom hold dance. It’s gonna be a lot faster than last week for sure so I can’t wait to see what Dorothy can do.

There seem to be a lot of very strong contenders in Season 16. How would you size up the cast?

The cast is strong personality wise, and it’s easy to write people off straight away but I’m sure another week of experience will be crucial, and the thick skin will bite back for a lot of people.

So true and I like how he words that!! You can read this new fun interview in full at .