Peta Murgatroyd Discusses Her DWTS Season 16 Journey So Far With Sean Lowe

Peta Murgatroyd admits to Life And Style Magazine that her partner, Sean Lowe, was a “pretty bad” dancer in the beginning. She gave him a “3”. However, after dancing for several weeks, he’s improved and she’d now rate him as a “7”. Below she talks of what Sean needs to work on. She also says he’s “killing it” now…

The 26-year-old blond beauty also opened up about what Sean needs to work on. “He needs to loosen up a little bit. He’s pretty stiff. I’m constantly trying to loosen him and get the rhythm in his body.”

“He’s a white boy,” she laughs, adding, “But he’s really, really good with structure.”

So what had Peta so worried in the beginning?

“I needed him to just trust me and act it out, and right now, he is killing it,” she says. “He’s performing so well. He’s put his trust in me that he knows I’m not going to make him look stupid.”

More at Life And Style Magazine. Have you all seen pics of them doing their “Murgalo” move yet? It kind of reminds me of inch worm.