Access Hollywood Interviews Lisa Vanderpump And Gleb Savchenko Before DWTS 16 Week 2

Lisa Vanderpump tells Access Hollywood that she is covered with bruises from rehearsing for Dancing With The Stars. It’s harder than she thought it would ever be and she’s falling apart. Below is a take from the link. I’m starting to really worry about her as she comments they don’t have their Jive down yet, but, this interview took place on Friday. So, let’s hope they are ready now. Come on Lisa!! You can do it!

The “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star fared well during last week’s Season 16 “DWTS” debut (she and Gleb earned a score of 18 for their foxtrot), but Lisa said she’s feeling nervous about tackling the jive for their second dance.

“We don’t have the routine down. It’s a bit of a rush,” she told Access of next week’s fast-tempo dance. “I think everybody is struggling. I think I can speak for everybody, because I’ve been talking to the other cast [members].”

Adding, “It’s kind of intimidating, but you know what? If you land on your a**, or you screw up, that’s the journey isn’t it?”

More at Access Hollywood. Also, watch this link as they may post the video of this interview shortly. Picture above taken Friday courtesy of Zimbio Pictures.

ADDING: Lisa has also penned a new blog for People. Below is a take. This week has clearly been a challenge for her….

This week in preparation for the jive, which seemed insurmountable when we were given the piece of music, I questioned how I could ever get my brain to compute the choreography and then transmit it to my two left feet, as Gleb calls them.

We all have different challenges – mine have been time restraints and the sheer physical toll it takes on the body. Meanwhile, there are athletes asking their bodies that have been finely tuned to compete at the highest level suddenly having to do a complete U-turn, using muscles they didn’t know they had!

A few tempers have flared in the rehearsal rooms, but there is still a feeling not of competitiveness, but of camaraderie and support for each other. I have no idea as the competition progresses whether it will stay that way, but I hope we don’t lose that.

I realize in this group of dancers and celebrities, friendships have been formed that will last a lifetime, and I am most thankful for this experience.

Have a good week and wish us all luck! We need it!