Dance Junkies TV Kicks It Up A Notch, DWTS Emma Slater Interview, And More

Dance Junkies TV is back and this time with a new MAKE OVER!! You’ll notice the new make over straight up from the beginning with new music and a new location at Dance Cafe at Lenique owned by Nick & Lena Kosovich. Stuart Brazell and Rib Hillis interview Nicole Westbrook who is a youtube sensation with her video “the thanksgiving song”. Fan Tiffany serves up drinks ( Oh, I need! 😀 ) They also interview youtube sensation and choreographer Dejan Tubic who chats with them about dance & sharing it on the web. Last, but not least, they chat with Dancing With The Stars troupe member Emma Slater. They didn’t have time to ask fan questions this time, but, she helps breaks down episode one of Dancing With The Stars. At the end, they all get crazy and do the Harlem Shake. I say, let’s join in. 😀 Be sure you take this gem in before the show starts or afterwards when you can. Also, CONGRATULATIONS from PureDWTS to Elena and Rib as they are expecting their first baby!

Thanks Dance Junkies TV!! Another fun show!!!